Bagger Nation / Kerker 4” Stout Mufflers from SuperTrapp
The latest from the minds at SuperTrapp! The new massive 4” Stout mufflers are brewed to perfection. The look completely bitchin’, sound badass and offer unsurpassed performance gains! Available for ’95 – ‘13 Baggers and 2011 and earlier model Tri Glides. They offer a newly developed high flow core and produce massive horsepower over stock mufflers. The streamlined, Internal Tapered, Billet Aluminum End Cap with recessed fasteners comes pre-installed and is a sign of the true craftsmanship that went into the design of these totally new pipes. The newly shaped inlets flow better into the OEM head pipe as well. Of course Bagger Nation version of the Kerker/ SuperTrapp® Stouts’ tapered core is unique and only available through the Bagger Nation catalog and web site. Our pipes are way louder than stock and all packing has been removed for maximum flow and a totally unique thunderous sound. SuperTrapp Stout Slip-Ons provide a heavy, broad spread power curve right from idle w/ a 9.3 (16%) hp and 10.5 (14%) torque gain over stock (measured on a stock 2012 FLH). So if you truly have a hankering to be a speed freak the choice is obvious…Go Stout or go home!

Part # BN-KSM / Kerker Stout 4” Mufflers - Chrome / Price: $669.00
Part # BN-KSM-B / Kerker Stout 4” Mufflers - Black / Price: $689.00

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Holy Moly

Yafter Burner


Big Poppas
SuperTrapp® SE Pipes
SuperTrapp® makes the best performing mufflers in the industry. Now they’ve teamed up with Paul to develop a great looking, great performing muffler system for all HD baggers 1986 through 2013. The standard SE mufflers and baffles have a deep rumble sound and offer improved throttle response and horsepower throughout the RPM range. You can also choose to have us replace the standard baffles with our exclusive high output Mikuni cores which are perfect for modified engines or for those who really want to make some noise! Now for the really cool part... Paul has designed a selection of designer exhaust tips so you can choose a style that really suits the desired look for you bike! Choose from a selection of classic designs or one of Paul’s radical sets like the popular “Yafterburners” or the new “Holy Molys” as well as the “Claws” or “Big Poppas”. Either way you can’t buy a better performance muffler than SuperTrapp® and with our huge selection of tips you can make them your own!

Part# SE-Muffler / SuperTrapp® SE Performance Mufflers / $409.00pr
Part# LSE-Muffler / SuperTrapp® SE’s with Mikuni Cores / $372.00pr

All tips are sold separately in pairs.


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Supertrapp® SE Pipe Tips

We offer this selection of designer tips so you can create your own
custom look to suit your individual style.Choose from our 4 badass
Bagger Nation designer tips!

NEW "Speed Freak"
The “Holy Moly”
The “Yafterburner”
The “Claw”
The“Big Poppas”

No matter which you choose, nobody offers a styling selection like Paul
and SuperTrapp®. We’re sure you’ll find one that fits your style!
You’ll have the coolest looking pipes in town.


Part# - SFET-CHROME / Speed Freak Exhaust Tip, Chrome / Price: $318.00
Part# - SFET-BLACK / Speed Freak Exhaust Tip, Black / Price: $318.00

Part# - SE-TIPS-HOLY-B / SuperTrapp® SE Tip, Holy Moly, Black
Price: $249.00 Pr.
Part# - SE-TIPS-HOLY / SuperTrapp® SE Tip, Holy Moly, Chrome
Price: $249.00 Pr.
Part# - SE-TIPS--B / SuperTrapp® SE Tip, Yafter Burner, Black
Price: $318.00 Pr.
Part# - SE-TIPS-AB-CH / SuperTrapp® SE Tip, Yafter Burner, Chrome
Price: $318.00 Pr.
Part# - SE-TIPS-CLAW / SuperTrapp® SE Tip, Claw
Price: $218.00 Pr.
Part# - SE-TIPS-BIG POPPA / SuperTrapp® SE Tip, Big Poppa
Price: $218.00 Pr.

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Phantom Bag Pipes
The Phantom Bag Pipe design for softails has been an incredible success. Introducing the all new “Bag Pipe”…Longer,
curvier, with a removable baffle for those who roll bold! Nothing compares to the look and sound of this pipe and we have the no outlet stretch bags and Chupa fenders available for a truly radical custom look for your Bagger! Black ceramic coated with four piece stylized chrome heat shields and removable core. You know you want it!

Part # - PBP / 2009 and earlier / Price: $1349.00
Part # - PBP-10 / 2010 and later / Price: $1349.00

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New Loud and Proud SE Race Mufflers
We all know that the SuperTrapp brand is synonymous with Horsepower! Well now even more so! Introducing our NEW SE Mufflers w/ Mikuni Race cores! Improved flow, more torque and a loud distinct sound of their own! So now you’ve got two choices, our traditional SuperTrapp SE mufflers or our new louder, prouder SE Race Muffler. Of course all of our awesome designer tips are available for both models.

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Exhaust Extension Kit
When using our New Dual Outlet Super Stretch Fenders and Saddlebags you’ll need to extend your exhaust pipes as well.
This nifty kit includes pipe extensions, Heat Shields, Muffler Supports and clamps that will accomplish the job with ease.

Part # PEK / Pipe Extension Kit / Price: $199.95

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Rinehart 3.5” Adapter Kit
Due to the overwhelming response to Paul’s new designer tips we now offer an adapter kit that allows Paul’s designer tips to be installed on Rinehart® touring exhaust systems. So, no worries, if you’re already running Rinehart you can still have the Yaffe style.

Part # SE-TA / Pipe Tip Adapter / Price: $59.95


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Force Air Cleaner Kit
This is the original forward elbow kit that Paul along with John from Force products developed 15 years ago! Since then it seems that everybody in our industry has made their own version of it. Our force kit comes with everything you’ll need to bolt our high flow system directly to your carb or EFI powered bike. The cool part is the way our system looks! It gives an all business very racy look to your bagger! And believe us... baggers can use it!

Part # - FAC-K / Force Air Cleaner Kit / Price: $416.95
Part # - FAC-K08 / Force Air Cleaner Kit 08 & later / Price: $459.95

Kit includes: Chrome support bracket w/ internal breathers and chrome breather bolts, polished intake elbow, genuine K&N air filter w/ stainless mount band.

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Bagger Nation Logo Filter Cap
Let everyone know that your shit is the coolest by sporting our Logo Filter Cap! They fit perfectly on the front of our Force Filters for a really cool look. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and beautifully chrome plated. Our covers feature no visible hardware for a super clean look! Get yours today!

Part # - BNFC / Bagger Nation Logo Filter Cap / Price: $29.95

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  Filter Fairing
As if the Bagger Force Air Cleaner Cover wasn’t cool enough, we also offer this handmade steel accent piece which comes chrome plated or raw if you want to paint it to match your bike. Each cover is handmade.

Part # - FF-C / Filter Fairing Chrome / Price: $148.95
Part # - FF / Filter Fairing Raw / Price: $105.95

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