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Suzy Q / Discovery Bike 2

Specs coming soon...

NEW PRICE - $44,900
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NEW PRICE - $5,400
Completed Pictures: Click Here

2010 “Game Over” Road Glide / Bagger Nation Tour Bike

I’m sure many of you remember the “Game-Over” Road Glide we created to promote our Bagger Nation Audio Systems that are powered by Rockford Fosgate. This bike made a national tour and even had a Bush Master trailer matched to it that was loaded with 1300 watts of audio power!

That coupled with 600 watts of on board bike audio and every accessory available in the Bagger Nation catalog made this bike a true show stopper that commanded crowds wherever it was displayed! I guess you could say it left a loud impression. The bike retired from the show circuit in 2011 and found a new home in Iowa. It’s new owner has loved riding it but has recently been bit again by the custom bug and has commissioned us to create another custom bagger for him. So, the Game-Over bike is now being offered for sale! It’s in perfect shape and is an absolute gas to ride! It has very low mileage since all the custom engine and turbo work was been done. The trailer and hitch have been removed but we still have them here in our showroom if you want the entire original show package including the incredible audio trailer...

106 Cubic Inch Twin Cam Motor
Wiesco Forged pistons – Trask Cams
Trask Turbo Charger (145 hp @ rear wheel)
One-Off Phantom Pipe
9 Degree Raked Triple Trees
9 Degree Raked and Molded Frame
26” Hoopla Front Wheel
Custom Single Disc Matching Rotor
Shaved Blank Fork Legs
Yaxle Custom Axle
Yafterburner Slider Covers
Thicky Steel Front Fender
Scoowl Fairing Extension
One-Off Scooped Front Fairing
Custom Painted Flare Windshield
Custom Painted Windshield Trim w Hidden LED Signals
Custom Fairing Support Bar w Turn Signal Eliminators
Klock Painted Flare Windshield
12” Chrome OEM Monkey Bars
Race Levers
Power Mirrors
600 Watt / 6 Speaker Rockford Audio System
6x9 Saddlebag Lids
Yafterburner Grips
Stretched 6 Gallon Gas Tank
Custom Seat (2-Up)
Detachable Chop Chop Tour Pack
Stretched Saddlebags (no outlet)
Chupa 8” Stretched Rear Fender (no outlet)
Snake Eye LED Taillights
Frenched Stealth II License Frame
Yafterburner Saddlebag Latches
Yafterburner Ignition Cover
Wedgy Footboards
Wedgy Passenger Boards
Wedgy Brake Pedal
Swoop Extended Shift Arms
Domino Brake Arm
Luxury Liners in Bags and Tour Pack (red)
Super Bling Shift Linkage
Smoothie Rear Wheel w 200 Tire

2010 “Game Over” Road Glide / Bagger Nation Tour Bike

I’m sure many of you remember the “Game-Over” Road Glide we created to promote our Bagger Nation Audio Systems that are powered by Rockford Fosgate. This bike made a national tour and even had a Bush Master trailer matched to it that was loaded with 1300 watts of audio power!

Custom Hidden Release “Suicide” Lid
(8) Rockford Fosgate Marine 6.5” Loud Speakers
(2) Rockford Fosgate Power Subwoofers
· Battery Back-Up and Ipod Access Jack
· Complete On Board Converter (120v Power Source)
(2) 400 Watt Punch Amplifiers
(1) 500 Watt Mono  Punch Amplifiers
· Custom Rockford Fosgate Logo Paint
· Hidden Removable Hitch and Wire to Bike Harness Included


SOLD - $38,000
Completed Pictures: Click Here
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Speed Freak

2007 FLTR
2010 FLTRX Rear Frame
96” HD Engine w/ 203 Cams
Klock Werks Double Back Header
Black powder-coated engine accents
HD Brake calipers
Bagger Nation Forced Air Cleaner Kit w/ custom angled intake
Thundermax Tuner
Bagger Nation Lay’d Out Rear Air Suspension
Bagger Nation Super Stretched Rear Fender
Bagger Dagger Rear Lights
Bagger Nation Smoothie Rear Wheel
Bagger Nation Super Stretch Saddlebags
Stealth 2 License Frame
Bagger Nation Custom Swoop Side Covers
Bagger Nation 6 Gallon Stretch Tank
Bagger Nation Monsta 45 Exhaust System
26” Bagger Nation High Roller Front Wheel
Matching High Roller 11.8” dual disk brake rotors
Bagger Nation 26” DEI Front Fender
Trask Chin Scoop
9* Frame rake with 9* trees
Klock Werks Windshield
Scoowl Fairing Extension
Monkey Fairing Support Bar
Bagger Nation Monkey Drag Bars
Bagger Nation Racing Levers
Bagger Nation Power Mirrors
Wedgy Super Bling Footboards
Wedgy Super Bling Passenger Footboards
Wedgy Super Bling Shift Peg
Wedgy Super Bling Brake pedal
Speed Freak Shift Linkage
Speed Freak Saddlebag Latches
Speed Freak Slider Covers
Speed Freak Monsta 45 Exhaust Tips
Speed Freak Ignition Switch Cover
Speed Freak Grips
Speed Freak Yaxle
Rockford Fosgate RFX 5000 Audio System
Bagger Nation Double Trouble Killer Audio Lids
4 6x9s rear/ 4 6.6s front/ 2 $-Channel RF Power Amps
Bluetooth/ USB/ iPod/ Sirius
Custom Seat by Guy’s Upholstery
Rolling Art custom 3-color paint


FOR SALE - $55,000
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Completed Pictures 2:
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Vince's Road Glide

2011 Harley Davidson Road Glide full Bagger Nation custom

Don’t let this one get away! When we started this project for my longtime friend and customer, Vince Vaccaro he wanted the ultimate cross country touring bike. It had to meet 3 specific needs: Cross country comfort, Head spinning good looks and be fast as heck! We certainly nailed all three! Vince and his wife Jan have made 3 trips to Sturgis on this gorgeous Road Glide and loved every mile that they’ve ridden it! Vince just received his new 2015 Road Glide and it’s time to give it the full Monty so as bitter sweet as it may be, this cobalt blue beauty is ready for a new home. The bike has just undergone a thorough restoration in preparation for sale and is in truly excellent condition.

11,900 miles / One Owner
ABS brakes
23” Avon Cobra tire
23” High Roller wheel (black accent cut)
(2) Matching High Roller Rotors
Gloss Black Powder Coated Fork Legs
Gloss Black Powder Coated Yafterburner Slider Covers
Domino Yaxle (black accent)
7 degree raked neck
7 degree raked triple trees
Scoowl Road Glide Fairing Extension
Road Glide Wind Shield Trim w LED Turn Signals
Klock Flare Wind Shield
10” OEM Monkey Bars
Race Levers (black accent)
Heated Grips
Road Glide House Party 600 Audio System
Alpine Digital Media Center
Bagger Nation Stretched Gas Tank (6 gallon)
Custom Guy Thieman seat
Trask raked chin scoop
Monkey Fairing Support Bar
117 HP S&S 106 Hot Set up w CNC ported heads & 585 gear driven cams
58mm Throttle Body w super injectors
Thunder Max EFI Controller
Bagger Nation true dual header
SE Race Mufflers w Yafterburner Tips
Heavy Breather Air Cleaner
Completely Gloss Black Power coated engine covers
Wedgy Footboards, Passenger Boards, Brake pedal, shift pegs
Swoop Side Covers
Stretched Big Bags
Stretched Chupa rear fender w Snake Eye Taillights
Detachable HD Tour pack docking & rack
Removable Chop Chop Tour Pack
Luxury Lined bags and tour pack
Lay’d Out Air Suspension
Full Line of Bagger Nation Yafterburner Billet accessories


FOR SALE - $69,900
Build Pictures: Click Here
Completed Pictures 1: Click Here
Completed Pictures 2: Click Here
Arizona State Centennial Copper Chopper

Fabrication: Paul Yaffe Crew
Year/ make: 2010 Paul Yaffe Original
Model: Copper Chopper
Assembly: Paul Yaffe Crew
Time: 8 months
Chroming: Concours

Official name: HD Twin Cam
Cubic inches: 100
Horsepower: 100
Foot pounds of torque: 100
Year: 2010
Rebuilder: HD
Ignition: Twin Tech
Cams: Screaming Eagle 211
Carb: HD CV
Pipes: Paul Yaffe Originals

Year: 2008 5 speed
Make: HD

Molding: Aj’s Custom Paint
Painter: Aj’s Custom Paint
Color: Copper
Type: PPG
Special Paint: Krash for Aj’s

Year/make: Paul Yaffe Original
Type: Chopper-X
Rake: 48 degrees
Stretch: 2”
Shocks: Progressive
Modifications: Yup!

Handlebars: Paul Yaffe Originals
Risers: Paul Yaffe Originals
Handlebar controls: Euro Components
Fenders: Paul Yaffe Originals
Headlights: Crime Scene
Taillight: Crime Scene
Pegs: Mark Kalen
Foot controls: Euro Components
Gas tank: Paul Yaffe Originals
Oil tank: Paul Yaffe Originals
Primary: Primo / Paul Yaffe Originals
Seat: Duane Ballard
Grips: Mark Kalen

Front End:
Type: Hydraulic
Builder: HD / Paul Yaffe Originals

Front Wheel:
Make: Paul Yaffe Originals
Hub: Paul Yaffe Originals
Size: 23 x 4
Tires: Avon
Brakes: Performance Machine

Rear Wheel:
Make: Paul Yaffe Originals
Hub: Paul Yaffe Originals
Size: 18 x 8.5
Tires: Metzler 260
Brakes: Performance Machine


Build Pictures: Click Here
Completed Pictures: Click Here
Video: Click Here
Bagger Nation 2013 Full Custom Bagger

Picture yourself riding this radical brand new 2013 One Off Custom Bagger created by Paul Yaffe for Easyrider Magazine. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a truly One of a Kind radical Bagger! No expense was spared in the creation of this incredible riding and amazingly powerful custom Bagger. It features the best of everything from the best in our industry and rides like a Cadillac! This bike was engineered to have the most radical stance available yet be totally ride able cross country… It does both perfectly… It would easily cost over $80K to reproduce this bike…

S&S show polished 111 T Hybrid Engine w EFI (120 HP)
Dual Runner S&S Air filters
Jims Show Polished 6 Speed Transmission
BDL Show Polished 2” Open Belt with Pro-Clutch
Rolling Thunder One-Off FLT Frame w Arched Front Down Tubes (Late model HD 4 point rubber isolation system)
2013 HD Swing arm and rear frame section
Renegade 30” Front Wheel and Rotor
V-Rubber 30” Tire
B Cool Aluminum Front Fender
HHI Raked Triple Trees
HHI Lower Fork Legs
Bagger Nation Yafterburner Slider Covers
HHI 6 Piston Front Caliper
Bagger Nation Raked Nacelle
Bagger Nation 10” Monkey Bars
HHI Hand Controls
Bagger Nation Yafterburner Grips
Bagger Nation One-Off Power Mirrors
HHI Forward Controls
Bagger Nation Hand Stretched Steel Fuel Tank
Thunder Max EFI Controller
Bagger Nation Swoop Side Covers
Bagger Nation Super Stretch Saddlebags
Bagger Nation Super Stretch No Outlet Fender
Bagger Nation Bagger Dagger Taillights
Vance and Hines Exhaust
Renegade 16” Rear Wheel, rotor and pulley
Avon 200 rear tire
Bagger Nation Passenger Pegs
HHI Rear Caliper
Terry Comp Chrome HO Starter
Guy Thieman 2 Up Butt Crack seat
PPG Loins Mane Paint applied by Rolling Art Custom Painters

Build Pictures: Click Here
Completed Pictures: Click Here
2010 Full Custom Street Glide / 103”/ ABS / Security

This Street Glide is truly insane! It has been given the FULL Bagger Nation treatment and is fresh back from its 2013 Show Tour and ready to ride. It is in perfect condition as new and rides like a dream! Badass Phantom Pipe exhaust note, Cranking House Party Stereo, Lay’d Out Air suspension and a 26” Hoop up front are just a few of the traffic stopping, show owning options that this ride offers. Check out the completely hand fabricated radical front fairing w a reverse raked HID Headlight!!! Totally Cool! This bike has an over $68,000 Retail Build ticket… Grab it Quick!

26” Bagger Nation High Roller Wheel
Matching 13” Rotor
HHI 6 Piston Race Caliper
26” V-Rubber Tire
26” Talon Front Fender
Chrome Bagger Nation fender Spacers
Chrome Yafterburner Slider Covers
Chrome Slider Cover Spacers
Chrome Bagger Nation 9 degree Triple Trees
Bagger Nation 9 degree Neck Block
Frame Molded and painted
One-Off Bagger Nation Fairing w Scoops and Victory HID Raked Headlight
10” Bagger Nation Monkey Bars
Bagger Nation Race levers
Chrome Hand Controls and Switch Housings
Bagger Nation Grips
Bagger Nation Power Mirrors
Super Bright LED Turn signals Frenched into Fairing
Chrome Windshield Trim
Smoked 6” Wind Shield
Yafterburner Turn Signal Eliminators
Chrome Bagger Nation Yaxle
300w House Party Stereo System w 6.5” fairing and 6x9’s in Lids
Bagger Nation Stretched Tank
Bagger Nation Yafterburner Ign Cover
Bagger Nation Swoop Scooped Side Covers
Bagger Nation Big Bag Stretched Saddlebags
Chrome Yafterburner Saddlebag Latches
Grey Luxury Liner Upholstered Saddlebags
Chupa Rear Fender (no outlet) w Snake Eye Lights and Frenched Stealth II Plate
Bagger Nation Phantom Bag Pipe
Bagger Nation Wedgy Foot Boards
Bagger Nation Wedgy Brake Pedal
Bagger Nation Domino Brake Arm
Bagger Nation Wedgy Passenger Pegs
Bagger Nation Swoop Shift levers
Bagger Nation Wedgy Shift Pegs
Bagger Nation Points Cover
16 x 5.5 Chrome Smoothie Rear Mag w 200 Rear Tire
Chrome rear belt Pulley
Bagger Nation 45 deg Force Air Cleaner w Color Matched Filter Fairing
Bagger Nation Signature Air Cleaner Cap
Bagger Nation Platinum Lay’d Out Air Suspension
Bagger Nation Chrome Super Bling Shift Linkage
Guy Thieman 2 Up Butt Crack Seat
4 Color Badass Paint scheme w High Roller Graphic Theme by Rolling Art

Completed Pictures: Click Here
2009 Custom Street Glide

Here’s a super nice really clean Street Glide with some super cool custom work done. Classic Black and Chrome turns head and never goes out of style. The bike is flawless, sounds awesome and runs even better. Priced to sell at $29,900 this nicely customized bike won’t last!

21” Ness Front Wheel
Dual matching Ness rotors
21” Metzler Front Tire
Chrome Lower Fork legs
Chrome Slider Covers
HD Chrome Axle Caps
Chrome HD Fender trim
Custom Gloss Black Paint including Inner Fairing
Bagger Nation 12” Chrome Monkey Bars
Kuryakn Grips
Kenwood Audio Head Unit w I-pod in Saddlebag
Component 6.5” Focal Speakers in Fairing w Separate Tweeters
Focal 6x9’s in Saddlebags
Arc Audio 325 Amplifier
Performance Cams
True Dual Header
Cary Fass Racing Exhaust
Dyno Jet Fuel Management
Custom Stretched Fuel Tank and Dash
Guy Thieman Custom two up butt crack seat
Nasi Stretched Side Covers
Nasi Stretched Saddlebags & Lids w Custom Latches
Nasi Stretched Rear Fender w French License and Taillights
Detachable Docking for Sissy bar or Tour Pack
HD Custom Headlight trim w/ Visor
HD Finned Head Bolt Covers
Kuryakyn EFI Cover
Spike Custom Air Filter
Banana Board Stretched Foot Boards
Matching Brake Pedal & Shift peg
Kuryakyn Chrome Inner Primary Cover
Polished Stainless Shift Linkage
Only 12,500 Original Miles

Pictures: Click Here
Next Phase Pictures: Click Here
Paul's 30
2012 Road Glide 103" w/ ABS
30" Wheel
Full Bagger Nation Custom
One-Off Fairing & Tank
600 Watt - 8 Speaker Audio
You choose the paint
Turn key

Pictures: Click Here
Video: Click Here
Paul Yaffe’s 2011 “Speed Freak” Road Glide
26” Ryd Rite SS Mag w Custom Rim Bead Stripe and perforated look paint
26” V-Rubber Tire
Talon 26” Steel Front Fender
13” Matching Single Rotor
HHI 6 Piston Caliper
Custom Shaved Right Fork Leg
Gloss Black Powder Coated Legs
Yafterburner Yaxle
Custom Wheel Spacers
Speed Freak Slider Covers
Slider Cover Extenders
9 Degree Rake Neck Block w molded neck
9 Degree Rake Triple Tree’s (gloss block)
One-Off Road Glide Fairing w GSXR Headlight and Twin Scoops and Lower Wings
HID Lights and Custom fitted daytime Running lights / Turn Signals
Remote control Headlight and audio operation
Integrated 8” Flare Windshield
One-Off Inner Road Glide w Center Glove Box
One-Off Nacelle fitted with Rockford Digital Media Center (I-pod, MP3, AM-FM, Sirius Satellite)
Peripheral Hand Controls sync’d to media center
10” OEM Monkey Bars (Gloss Black)
Speed Freak Grips
Race Levers
Power Mirrors
Speed Freak Ignition Cover
Platinum Air Suspension
One-Off Steel Stretch Tank w CVO Emblems
RSD Gas It EFI Door
World’s Smallest Gas Cap
Speed Freak Chin Scoop
Engine Guard Eliminator Caps
Monkey Fairing Support Bar
Wedgy Foot Boards
Wedgy Brake Pedal
Domino Brake Arm
Wedgy Passenger Pegs
Wedgy Shift Peg
Swoop Front Shift lever
One-Off Wedgy Shifter linkage
Baker “Bully” Billet Primary Cover
All Engine accessories and covers gloss black powder coated
Force Air Filer 45’d w Bagger Nation End Cap
One-Off Filter Fairing with graduated holes and Speed Freak Perforations
Bagger Nation Points Cover
S&S Hot 107 Engine Kit (117HP)
Custom Drilled Heat Shields
SuperTrapp SE Race Mufflers
One-Off Billet “Boner” Exhaust Tips
One-Off 3” Drop Seat Side Covers (frenched into bags)
One-Off 4” Stretch Saddlebags w Side Cover Pockets, Custom body scallop and “Boner” French Pockets
One-Off 8” Stretch Rear fender w custom boat tail and “Boner” French pockets
One-Off Linear Actuated License Plate system w Micro switched LED lighting
One-Off Super Bright LED’s in Chevron Pattern (18 individual Lights)
Detachable Tour Pack System (Gloss Black)
Chop-Chop Tour Pack w Turbo Wing and Tiger Fur Lining and passenger back rest
3” Drop Seat Kit
One-Off Custom upholstered butt crack, two up seat
One-Off “Talon” Audio Lids w 6x9 Rockford Fosgate Speakers
Saddlebags Custom Upholstered with Suede and matching Tiger Fur Stripe
16 x 5.5 Smoothie Rear Wheel w 200 Dunlop Tire
Crown Valve Stem Caps
Custom 1” Lowered Kickstand
Cruise Control
Satin Black Primer Paint throughout

FOR SALE - $24,999
Pictures: Click Here

2002 Full Custom HD Road King
18" front and rear Wright Wheels
Metzler Rubber
13" front Performance Machine (PM) brake rotors
Matching rear 11" rear PM brake rotors
Dual front PM 6 piston brakes
Rear PM 4 piston brake
Chrome PM rear rotar
Chrome lower forks-HD
Custom Beach Bars
PM grips
PM 3-button switches
PM levers
Forcewinder air intake
Internal wiring on bars
Internal brake lines/clutch cable
Hydrolic clutch
Dakota Digital Dash
Special Addition Alligator seat-HD
Legends Air-Ride
Custom Relocated cruise control switch
Custom Relocated accessory switch
PYO Custom Frenched LED Tailights / Turnsignals  w/ Strobing Brake Light Function
1500 miles since conversion with Bagger Nation (had maybe 7K prior to the conversion)
New battery
Klock 6" Stretched Rear Fender w/ Frenched LED License Frame
Klock Front Fender
Rear back rest
Pillion pad for passenger
Custom Bag Fillers
HD Stage 1 download
Stretched Tank
Chrome inner primary

What the bike needs….the left grip has some "pitting" on it since it was chromed in 2008.  The Legends Air gauge has lost it's fluid internally, not sure if this is something to worry about.  Probably could use a good wax job on the paint, as their are fine towel scratches from wiping it down.

Build Pictures: Click Here

Completed Pictures: Click Here
Painter El Moisés: Click Here
Tay Herrera: Click Here

Greg Fullerton’s Chic Magnet
2007 Harley Davidson Ultra Custom
This Completely unique custom Harley Davidson embodies the work of several masters of their craft coming together with the purpose of creating a true work of art.

Custom Fabrication and design: Paul Yaffe
Hand Carving throughout: Tay Herrera
Custom hand Brushed paint: El Moises

This project, over two years in creation was debuted at the most famous motorcycle event in the world, The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota. World renowned motorcycle and lifestyle photographer, Michael Lichter unveiled this creation at his museum exhibit entitled “ Eternal Combustion” at his gallery during the rally. The Chic Magnet, Named both for it’s uncanny ability to attract women lost in it’s complexity and for it’s celebration of Chicano pop art, has since been featured in several international magazines such as Easyriders Magazine. It then did a 4 month stint at the Mesa contemporary museum of art in the Guitars and Handlebars exhibit.

The Chic Magnet is a completely functional and ride able piece of rolling art. Irreplaceable and priceless it will make a welcome addition to any pop art or motorcycle collection.

Value: Priceless 
With over two years and Approx $80,000 invested this as new condition completely one-of-a-kind creation is now offered for sale. Whether you’re looking for the most unique rider available or an amazing work of art this truly unique Harley Davidson fits the bill. Serious inquiries only. Please submit offers or inquiries in writing to Paul Yaffe @

23” One-Off High Roller Wheel w Machined inserts hand carved and satin finish
Avon 23” Front Tire
High Roller 13” Rotor satin finish
6 piston Performance Machine Race Caliper shaved and satin finished
One-off Crown Axle satin finished
One-Off HD Fork Legs shaved for single disc and hand carved
Hand formed “steel” front fender, stretched 6 inches w french pocket for fender trim
Frenched Hand formed aluminum fender trim, hand carved and satin finished
One-off billet Slider Covers, hand carved and satin finished
One-off billet Turn Signal Eliminators, Hand carved and satin finished
Frame custom raked 7 degrees then neck molded and painted
7 degree raked triple trees, lower tree satin finished
Lower fairing trim ceramic coated and satin finished
Headlight ring ceramic coated and satin finished
Front fairing sectioned, raked 14 degrees w custom visor added
One-off custom windshield trim, hand carved and satin finished
Custom single bulb LED turn signals hidden in fairing body
4” Dark Smoke windshield
Shaved inner fairing switch cowl w one-off fork lock
Custom Ignition switch holder located on left side engine mount
Blacked out horn hidden in frame cradle rails
One-Off Hand control levers, hand carved and satin finished
One-Off Billet Grips, hand carved and satin finished
11” Monkey Bagger Bars w Extra Rake, Satin Black
Barnett Cables, Black w chrome fittings
Power Mirrors, Black anodized
Custom Switch control buttons, satin finished
Upgraded CVO Gauge selection
Custom Speaker Grills, ceramic coated and satin finished
300 Watt, 4 speaker Audio w 6.5” Speakers in fairing and 6x9’s in Saddlebag lids
One-off Hand Stretched Tank and Dash, frenched into side covers with satin pop-up cap
Hand made custom seat with 3-D graphics, butt crack and sculpted passenger area
Revolution 107 High Output performance package w High Flow heads, balanced and welded crank, Revolution 585 gear driven cams, race map…117 HP
SuperTrapp SE Race Mufflers w One-Off Billet end caps, hand carved and satin finished
Ceramic coated engine and transmission covers, satin finished
High Flow Force Air cleaner system, Hand carved Elbow at custom 45degree angle, all ceramic coated and satin finished. Custom Bagger Nation signature filter cap
Custom Double Back header pipes, ceramic coated and drilled heat shields w brushed finish
Bagger Nation Signature Points Cover
Wedgy Floor boards, ceramic coated and satin finish
Domino brake arm, ceramic coated and satin finish
Wedgy Brake Pedal, ceramic coated and satin finish
Swoop Shift levers, ceramic coated and satin finished
Bullet Shift pegs, ceramic coated and satin finished
Bullet Passenger pegs, ceramic coated and satin finish
Domino Shift linkage, ceramic coated and satin finished
18x4.5 rear Smoothie wheel, ceramic coated and satin finish
150 Avon Rear tire, low profile
One-Off “Bag Claw” saddlebag gaurds, ceramic coated and satin finish
4” Stretched Saddle Bags
One-off billet Saddlebag Latches, Hand carved and satin finished
Audio Saddlebag Lids w 6x9 speakers frenched
Green Luxury Saddlebag Liners
Hand Formed “Steel” rear fender with Hidden Superbright LED taillights and signals in fillers. Stretched 8 inches w french pocket for fender trim, frenched license w hidden license light
Frenched Hand formed aluminum fender trim, hand carved and satin finished
Platinum Air Ride system with on board ride control
One-Off Rail Covers w detachable one-off tour pack docking system
One-off detachable Chop Tour Pack with winged lid, Matching Green Luxury liner
One of a kind hand painted mural paint job by celebrated Chicano pop artist, El Moises
Over two hundred hours of one of a kind hand carving by legendary metal smith, Tay Herrera
Design, engineering and final assembly, Paul Yaffe’s Bagger Nation



Pictures: Click Here

Completed Pictures: Click Here

Constantino's CVO
WWe can't believe it but Mr C is not able to import his bike to Greece! After almost two years of design and patience he'll never get to take delivery of his dream CVO Bagger Nation Creation. Well, looks like his bad news is going to be one lucky customers great news! This incredible brand new 2010 HD CVO FLHX that has been completely customized with one of a kind Bagger Nation components is now being offered for sale. Many hail it as the baddest bike Paul has ever created!

Constantinos bought the CVO new for around $34K in Florida. Had shipped here and spent at least another $50K making it totally one of a kind! We are now accepting offers on his 2010 CVO Street Glide. Serious inquiries only please. Please submit offers or inquiries in writing to Paul Yaffe @

Extreme Machine 23” Wheel (satin black w matching graphics)
Dual Matching Rotors
Avon 23” Venom Tire
Classic Stretch 23” Fender w custom billet one-off “Speed Freak” side vents
18” x 5.5” Satin Black Smoothie Rear Wheel w Metzler 200 rear tire
Satin Black lower fork legs
Satin Black Yaxle custom axle
One-Off “Speed Freak” Slider covers finished Satin Black
One-Off “Speed Freak” Turn Signal Eliminators finished Satin Black
Frame raked 7 degrees molded and painted
7 degree raked triple trees finished Satin Black
Custom Raked Fairing 14 degrees w visor and scoop
Hidden Super Bright Turn Signals in Fairing
Satin Black Wind shield trim
4” Smoke Windshield
Satin Headlight Trim Ring W HID Headlight
8” Custom Monkey Bagger Bars in Satin Finish
One-Off “Speed Freak” Race Levers
RSD Grips
Double Trouble Mirrors
Satin Black Ignition Switch
One-Off Satin black gauge bezels w custom smoke tinted gauges
One-Off “Speed Freak” Wire loom Covers between Tank and Fairing
Custom Stretched Tank and Dash
Custom Swoop, Scooped Side Covers to match fairing
All Engine and Transmission Covers custom finished in Satin Black
Bagger Nation Satin Points covers
Heavy Breather Air Cleaner finished in satin black
One-Off Heavy Breather Filter Faring with “Speed Freak” Perforations
One-Off Front “Speed Freak” Air Dam
Wedgy Foot Boards Finished in Satin Black
Wedgy Brake Pedal Finished in Satin Black
Wedgy Passenger Pegs Finished in Satin Black
Wedgy Shift Pegs finished in Satin Black
Domino Brake Arm finished in Satin Black
Swoop Shifter Arms finished in Satin Black
One-Off “Speed Freak” Heat shields ceramic coated in Satin Black
Header ceramic coated in Satin Black
One-Off CFR Exhaust ceramic coated w race baffles
One-Off “Speed Freak” Exhaust tips finished in Satin Black
Big Bag 4” Stretched Saddle bags
Deluxe Black Luxury Liners in Saddle bags
One-Off “Speed Freak” saddle bag latches finished in Satin Black
Chupa Stretched Fender w frenchy plate finished in Satin Black
One-Off “Speed Freak” Taillights in fillers w 24 Super Bright LED’s
Detachable docking system finished in satin black w matching detachable sissy bar
150 Watt Audio System w 6.5” Rockford Speakers and “Speed Freak” Grills
Custom Painted CVO Derby Cover
Satin Black Shifter Link
All brackets and supports custom finished
Custom 2 up seat w butt crack and scalloped passenger seat
One-Off “Speed Freak” Horn Cover
Standard CVO Equipment: 110” Cu Inch engine platinum finish, ABS brakes, Security, Oil Cooler

Build Pictures: Click Here

Completed Pictures: Click Here
Video: Click Here
Video: Click Here
Shop Trike

The Ultimate Trike is For Sale!
Check out this ride! Paul bought this trike brand new with the intention of seeing just how baddass he could make Harley’s new FLHXXX platform look with going crazy. He thought it would be cool to make a few accessories for Trikes to add to our Bagger nation product line…

Well, like most things Paul undertakes he has gone completely overboard with this project and the results are absolutely incredible!! The project is still under construction but we are so stoked with the progress. Now that we are getting close to paint it’s the perfect time to sell this project so the new owner can choose the color! Paul’s got about $50,000 in the bike now but of course we want to add a killer stereo, Custom seat, chin scoop, candy paint etc… This amazingly sexy ride deserves to be dressed to impress! We should be able to wrap the Trike in everything it deserves and stay in the $75,000 range.

Here’s the spec sheet front to rear:
Brand New 103 Cubic inch Harley Davidson FLHXXX w Reverse
26” High Five Wheel
Matching Rotors
26” V Rubber Tire
26” Classic Stretch Front Fender
Chrome Plated Forks
9 degree raked frame
12 degree raked triple trees
Chrome Yaxle
Custom Front Air Suspension (5” travel)
Custom Front Slider covers
One-off Raked and Front Scooped Fairing
Hidden Super Bright LED Signals
Custom 12” Gorilla Bars
6 Gallon Stretched Tank w Custom Dash
Wedgy Floor Boards
Domino Brake Lever
20” x 10” Rear Wheels
230/45 x 20 Goodrich Tires
One-Off Custom Rear Fenders
Custom Platinum Rear Air ride (3” travel)
Custom Exhaust
One-Off Custom Roll Pan w frenced license
One-Off Custom Chop trike Tour Pack

Coming Soon:
Super Stereo
CVO Tailights
Custom Seat and Passenger Backrest
Custom Chin Scoop
Power Mirrors
Racing levers
Force Air Cleaner
Custom Paint (your choice)

So here’s a great opportunity to own a One-Off Radical Paul Yaffe creation with out the years wait! Just tell us what color you want and we’ll finish her up in a few months!

Pictures: Click Here
Completed Bike Pictures: Click Here
Children's Ride 14 - Bike

Custom 2009 Road King
This bike was built for the 2009 Seattle Children’s Ride as a Bagger Build Off competitor that was staged for charity event benefiting the The Seattle Children’s Hospital. The competition was between Brian Klock of Klock Werks Customs fame and our entry. The Road King you see here prevailed and won the build off! The bike was auctioned off benefiting the charity and raised over $50,000 for children’s care.
No expense was spared creating this fantastic custom bagger. It was also a cover bike in Easyrider magazine! Now offered in as new condition with only 3ooo miles for $39,900…. Don’t miss this deal!
Legacy 23” 3-D Wheel
Rare dual 360 Brakes
Avon 23” Tire
Dual Matching Legacy Rotors
23” Classic Stretch Front fender
18 x 5.5 Smoothie Rear wheel w 200 rear tire
Yaxle Flush Axle
Black Powder Coated Fork Legs
Yafterburner Slider Covers
Custom Stretched Nacell
Dragon Fly Removable Batwing Fairing
Dragon Fly digital Media Center (I-pod/MP3) w 6x9 Speakers
Custom Monkey Bars (15”)
Billet Roadster Mirror
Bagger Nation Racing Levers
Custom Stretched Tank
HD Skull Gas Cap and Fuel Gauge
Low Profile Dash w Dakota Digital Speedo
Custom 2-Up Seat (leather)
Custom Drilled Heat Shields
Jet Hott Ceramic Head pipe
Heavy Breather Air Filter
Custom Swoop Shift Levers
Banana Pegs
Banana Floor Boards
Custom Claw Saddle Bag Guards
Stretched Saddlebags
Ness Saddlebag Latches
Domino Brake arm and oval brake pad
Super Bling Shift linkage
Stretched Saddle Bags W Frenched Bonehead Lights
Custom Stretched Rear Fender with Frenched License Plate
SuperTrapp SE Exhaust W Holly Holy Tips
Matching detachable Chop Chop Tour pack
3 color Black and Graphite w red accent stripe and HD Dark Customs #1 Emblems


Pictures: Click Here

2004 HD Road Glide / 1000 miles since complete customization and Engine work /12K Since new

Well now, here’s a Bitchen Bagger that has been spared no expense! This is a really great riding Road Glide that has had EVERYTHING done to it and needs NOTHING! Vince is ready to do another radical build so this Road Glide must go to make room in the garage. The bike is in perfect shape and ready to ride, coast to coast!! This bike has been featured in two National magazines and on the cover!

There’s over $65,000 invested in this fantastic Road Glide. Don’t wait…it won’t last!

23” High Roller Wheel w matching rotors
23” Classic Stretch Fender
18” Smoothie rear wheel w 160 tire
Gloss Black Sliders and Cans
Gloss black Engine guard w Custom highway pegs
One Off leg Guards w Custom Steel Speaker boxes
Custom Yaxle
Rockford Fosgate 10 Speaker / 688 watt amazing Stereo System
Satellite Radio / I-Pod / CD / AM- FM
Updated 2011 HD Head unit
CVO Gauge package
Hand Stretched Fuel Tank and dash
Mo Flo Air Cleaner
12” OEM Monkey Bars
Custom Mirrors
Race levers
Custom Heated Grips
Klock Double Back Header w
Custom Drilled Heat Shields
SuperTrapp LSE mufflers
Billet Exhaust Tips
Accutronix Brake Lever & Pedal
Accutronix Shift Lever & Pedal
Custom Banana Floor boards
Custom Seat
Removable Tour Pack Included w
Custom rack that works as riders back rest
Stretched Saddlebags
Frenched Wedgy Tailights in Saddlebags
Custom Chupa 8” stretch Fender
Frenched license plate
110 HP Axtell Twin Cam (Super Fast)
Oil Cooler
Custom Matched passenger pegs
Badass Crisp Custom paint w Hotrod Flames
Custom Windshield Trim
Klock Flair Windshield
Custom headlight trim w LED turnsignals


Build Pictures: Click Here

Completed Pictures: Click Here
Buzz Kill's Bagger - 2009 HD Street Glide

26” Hoopla Front Wheel
26” V-Rubber Tire
26” Thicky Front Fender
Shaved Chrome
Shaved Right Fork leg
Yaxle custom axle
Chrome Forks
Matching Rotor
Chrome Front Caliper
Yafterburner Slider Covers
9 degree raked trees
9 degree raked frame
Raked, Visoered and Scooped Fairing
Force Air Cleaner w custom 45 angle
Yafterburner Signal Eliminators
Hidden Signals In fairing
Chrome Monkey Bars
Chrome HD controls
Chrome Racing levers
Power Mirrors
Klock windshield
Chrome windshield trim
6 Gallon Stretch Tank
Custom dash w pop-up cap
Wedgy Floorboards
Swoop Levers
Bullet Pegs
Domino Brake Arm
Wedgy brake pedal
Landry Shift linkage
Custom Seat
Stretched saddlebags (lined)
Chupa Rear stretch fender w Wedgys + French plate
Yafterburner Ign cover and saddlebag latches
18” Smoothie rear wheel w 200 tire
Platinum Air Suspension
Bassani True Dual Racing Exhaust

Amazing 4 color Aj’s custom paint job: Oriental Blue, Black Candy w real hand spun silver leaf and gunmetal scallop w hand airbrushed skulls inside.

Bagger Nation Super Stereo kit with 300 watt 4 channel and 6.5 coaxial speaker in fairing and 6 x 9 component speakers in lids.

This is our 2010 / 2011 tour bike and everyone just freaks over it! Super riding and in as new perfect condition. It will be on the cover of the March American Bagger Magazine.

Pictures: Click Here

American Bagger Article: Click Here
Fullerton's 08 Roadglide
Mr. Fullerton's new ride is almost done and it's time to let this one go.
This is the raked bagger that started it all. 

Pictures: Click Here
Start Your Project!
Here it is!  2011 Road Glide Custom.  19 miles, 103 ABS + Security.
Start your project or take it as it sits.

Pictures: Click Here

Video: Click Here
AP's Blue Assassin - 2006 HD Road Glide

Year/Make: 2006
Engine: Twin Cam
Carb: EFI
Pipes: Bagger Nation/SuperTrapp
Air Cleaner: DM
Transmission: H-D
Primary: H-D
Clutch: H-D
Frame: H-D
Rake: + 14 degrees
Stretch: 1”
Forks: HD/Bagger Nation
Fork length (+ or -): stock
Triple Trees: Bagger Nation 7-degrees
Additional rake in trees: 7-degrees
Rear Suspension: H-D
Rear Shocks: H-D
Front wheel: Bagger Nation DeVille 23”
Rear wheel: Bagger Nation DeVille 18”
Front Tire (size and make): Avon 23”
Rear Tire (size and make): Avon 160 x 18
Front Brake: H-D
Rear Brake: H-D
Fuel Tank: Bagger Nation
Oil Tank: H-D
Fenders: Bagger Nation
Handlebars: Monkey Bars (Bagger Nation)
Risers: H-D
Hand Controls: H-D
Grips: Performance Machine
Foot Controls: Bagger Nation
Pegs: Covington
Headlight: H-D
Taillight: Custom LED’s
Painter: Gary Queens OSC Customs - Dallas Texas
Color: Assassin Blue
Powdercoating: Desert Powder
Polishing: Concours
Molding: Gary Crisp
Electrical: Lee Woffenden
Seat: Guy Thieman

Special Features:
Bangin’ 600-watt stereo with 8-in. subs and 6 x 9′s in saddlebags with custom grills coupled with a six-speaker Bagger Nation Super Stereo Kit and a DVD player.

Pictures: Click Here
Finished Pictures: Click Here
Bike Video: Click Here

AP's Street Glide
This 2007 HD Street Glide is a fantastic buy @ $39,995! With over $55K invested and perfectly maintained this bad boy will own the set wherever you roll! Only 10K miles and ready to rock!

23” Legacy Front Wheel
23” Avon Front Tire
Dual Matching Legacy Rotors
Dual Chrome Calipers
Chrome Fork Sliders
Chrome Yafterburner Fork Covers
7 Degree Chrome Raked Trees
7 Raked frame
Raked and Visored Fairing
Flare Windshield
Chrome Windshield Trim
Chrome 12” Bagger Apes
Chrome HD Hand Controls
Chrome Racing Levers
PM Grips
Ness Chrome Mirrors
Stainless Braided Lines
Yafterburner Turn Signal Eliminator
Superbright LED signals hidden in fairing
Chrome Engine Guard with custom Highway pegs
Covington Ignition Switch Cover
Stretched Gas tank
Stretched dash w pop-up cap
Chrome Frame covers
Banana Board foot boards
Custom shift and brake levers
Covington Billet pegs, Rocker Boxes and Brake pedal
Klock true duals with SuperTrapp Race Mufflers
Yafterburner Exhaust tips
Stretched Saddlebags w custom Wedgy lights
Yaffe Chupa stretched rear fender
Covington Saddlebag latches, points covers, derby covers
Kuryakyn Horn
Hand made custom Seat
PM Air Cleaner

Amazing Gold Pearl and Green paint job with chrome scripted graphics.

Unbelievable $6000 / 600 watt Stereo system w 8.5” Sub woofers, 6 x 9’s with custom grills, 6.5” Infinity Drivers w custom fairing mounted tweeters.

There’s just too much to list. This bike is BADASS in every way! You have to see it to believe it!

Completed Pictures: Click Here
Charles Ainslie's Ride

Here’s a golden opportunity! Check out this 2005 Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle CVO that we just customized less than a year ago. It has been totally tricked out from tip to tip with no expense spared.
Unfortunately the original owner has fallen on bad health and won’t be able to ride anymore so his cherished Bagger is up for sale. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a truly bitchen Paul Yaffe custom Bagger that is turn key and ready to rock!

Check out this spec list front to rear:

2005 CVO Electra Glide (one owner) 9283 original miles / Mint Condition
23” Legacy front wheel w matching rotors and 23” Avon tire
Chrome Forks w Chrome Yaxle
Yafterburner Chrome Slider Covers
Yafterburner Turnsignal Eliminators
Chrome Brake Calipers
All braided lines and hoses
7 degree Raked frame / 7 degree raked trees
Neck Custom Molded
Custom Raked fairing
Custom CVO Gauges
Tech Trim sequential front turn signals
Klock Flair Windshied
23” Classic Stretched Front fender
10” Chrome special raked Monkey Bars
Chrome Hand Controls
Chrome Racing Levers
Chrome Power Mirrors
Bullet Grips
Hog Tunes 300 Watt custom Stereo
Hand Stretched Custom Gas Tank
Low Profile Stretched Dash w Pop-up cap
Custom Platinum Finished (one of a kind) 103 SE Engine
Custom Platinum Finished (one of a kind) Transmission
Custom Platinum Finished (one of a kind) Primary
Custom Platinum Finished (one of a kind) Starter
Custom Platinum Finished (one of a kind) EFI
Show Cut Diamond Heads and Cylinders
Force Air Cleaner w color matched Filter Fairing
Rinehart True Duals
Rinehart Racing Mufflers
Yafterburner Custom Exhaust Tips
Banana Foot Boards
Domino Brake Arm w Bubba Foot pad
Swoop Heel and Toe Levers with Bullet Shift pegs
Super Bling Shift Linkage
Screaming Eagle Derby Cover
Bagger Nation Points cover
Matching Bullet Shift Pegs
Custom Extended Side Covers tat flow into Saddlebags
Custom Stretched Saddlebags (full capacity)
Covington Billet Saddlebag latches
Custom Frenched Wedgy Tailights
Custom Suede Saddlebag Upholstery that matches paint
4” stretched rear fender with frenched license plate
Hidden LED billet license frame
18 x 4.25 rear billet Smoothie wheel (chrome) w 160 tire
Chrome Rear pulley
Custom Upholstered and sculpted seat
Premium Rear Air Suspension (Arnott)
4 color custom paint & graphics designed and executed by Gary Crisp

This bike is truly flawless and an amazing bike to ride! It has crazy attention to detail and incredibly sexy lines and attracts a crowd wherever it goes. Don’t miss your opportunity to own one of the baddest Baggers on the street!

Delivery is available

Completed Pictures: Click Here


This may be the most gorgeous bike to ever come out of PYO! Paul has taken his 2009 Tour Bike “Chupa” given her and amazing Art Deco Red and platinum paint job and a bevy of new parts! Gary Crisp killed this paint job with over 40 hours of tape work and had mixed one of a kind some amazing reds and crimson tones complemented with black candy platinum under tones. Even the gauge faces and the windshield are tinted red! Paul then cut the first chrome 26” High Roller Wheel (his personal favorite) and added a one off set off CFR racing pipes with his new proto type Yafterburner bag latches, a killer red suede upholstery job in the saddlebags and detachable Chop Chop Tour pack. This bike stops traffic wherever it goes and rides even better than it looks! A true cross country Custom! This completely one-off steel fendered creation is now offered for sale:

2009 Harley Davidson Road Glide / Paul Yaffe Custom 004200 miles

MILEAGE: 600 mi.
Pictures: Click Here
Matsu's Street Glide

Paul Yaffe “103” Tour Deluxe
18x4.5 Custom Rear Wheel w/ 160 Tire and Matching Pulley & Rotor
21x3 Custom PYO Front Wheel w/ Matching Rotors
Custom “Yaxle” Front Axle
Blacked Out Fork Legs, Cans, Shroud + 2” Lowering Kit
Custom Front Brake Line
PYO Custom “Monkey Bars” w/ Internal Wires
Custom PYO “Bullet” Grips
Custom PYO Drilled Levers
PYO Double Trouble Mirrors & Arms
Shaved Front Fender, Pinched & Dropped
Shaved Rear Fender, w/ Custom License Plate
Custom “Banana” Floor Boards From PYO
Custom Drilled & Extend Shift Arms w/ Custom Shift Link
400 Watt Stereo System w/ Hidden Antenna
Custom PYO Stretched Fuel Tank & Dash w/ PYO “Pop-Up” Gas Cap
PYO “Mo-Flo” Air Filter
HD 103 CU Inch Engine w/ Screaming Eagle Performance Cams and Diamond Cut Heads & Barrels
Klock Werks “Double Back” True Dual Headers
Supertrapp “SE” Exhaust w/ Custom PYO “Turbo” Tips
Custom HD “Side Kick” Saddle
Custom Spade Taillights w/ Strobing Brake Light & Turn Signals
Custom “Crisp” 4 Color Paint Autographed By Paul Yaffe

Pictures: Click Here

2009 Bagger Nation Signature Street Glide
Designed by Paul Yaffe

Bagger Nation “GT” Wheels
18 x 5.5 rear with a massive 200mm low profile rear tire! (The only one of it’s kind!)
18 x 3.0 front with a wide 130mm low profile tire
Matching rear pulley
Dual matching front brake discs
Chrome plated front fork lowers and covers
Chrome plated front brake calipers
Chrome Bagger Nation “Yaxle” front axle
Bagger Nation “Monkey” bars w internal wiring
Custom cables with chrome fittings
Custom upside down chrome mirrors
Four color custom graphics paint scheme
Shaved inner fairing (color matched)
Bagger Nation Custom tank panel with Pop-up cap
Sidekick custom leather seat
Bagger Nation “Force” air filter with color matched filter fairing
SuperTrapp “SE” racing exhaust
“Yaffterburner” custom billet exhaust tips
Custom front and rear lowering kits (1” rear and 1.5” front!)

This brand new 2009 Harley Davidson Street Glide has undergone a one-of-a-kind custom treatment designed and executed by world renowned motorcycle designer Paul Yaffe. This bike has received such trick additions as a super wide 200 rear tire, matching 18” billet wheels, A Yaffe designed paint job, Paul’s signature handlebars and a whole list of trick goodies and chrome from Paul’s Bagger Nation product line. Paul personally designs each of his Bagger Nation signature edition customs.
(check out the inside of the right saddlebag lid... Each bears Paul’s siganture!)

Pictures: Click Here

American Bagger Article: Click Here

Paul's 08 Roadglide

2008 Paul Yaffe designed custom HD Road Glide

96" Twin Cam Engine w 6 Speed Transmission
23" Legacy Front Wheel
18" Rear Smoothie Wheel w 160 tire
Dual 360 Brakes
Fat Katz Steel Philly Front Fender
Perse Billet Front Fork w/ Hidden Axle
42 Degree Raked Front End
6 Speaker 400 Watt Outrageous Stereo
Kustom Klock Flare Windshield
Chrome Windshield Trim Bar
Custom Headlight Bezel w LED Turnsignals
Bagger Nation 10" Monkey Bars
Custom Brake Lines and Cables
Chrome Hand Controls w Drilled Racing Levers
Bagger Nation Grips / Pegs /
Custom Stretched 6 Gal. Tank
w/ Custom Stretched Dash and Pop-Up Cap
Custom Banana Footboards
One-Off Stretched and Domino Shift Levers
Custom Domino Brake Arm w Matching Billet Brake Pedal
Screaming Eagle Racing Air Filter
One-Off Double Back Two Into One Header System (Jet Hot Coated)
Custom Drilled Heatshields
SuperTrapp SE Race Mufflers w/ One Off Holy Moly Exhaust Tips
Custom Badlander Seat
Klock 6" Stretched Rear Fender w/ Frenched LED License Frame
One-Off Custom Bag Fillers
Stretched Saddlebags w/ Useable Stretch and Stylized Side Scallops
Custom Billet Saddlebag Latches
Four Custom Frenched LED Tailights / Turnsignals
w/ Strobing Brake LightFunction
Custom HD Horn Cover
Bagger Nation Super Bling Shift Linkage
Detachable Bagger Nation Chop Chop Tour Pak
Bagger Nation Power Mirrors
Legends Air Ride Suspension w/ Custom Remote Control
Fairing Mounted Air Gauge

Cover and Centerfold Feature Bike of American Bagger Magazine November 2008

Custom Gary Crisp Primer Grey Paint Scheme W Originals Murals of 50's Pop Culture Art or Choose your own custom paint scheme and Gary and I will paint it however you like it!!

This bike truly has every ticked out feature imaginable! It rides like a dream and looks even better. Suzy and I rode her to Sturgis and absolutely loved every mile we rode her! This bike truly stops traffic everywhere she goes! I painted her flat primer grey with cool 50's graphics and an old sanded look. If you want a fancy candy paint job it's no problem...I'll pop the sheetmetal off her and paint the bike to your specifications**! Red, Silver, Blue, whatever??? You choose! The retail bill on this bike is over $60,000...She has the best of everything and about 1000 miles on her.

**New custom paint job of your choice will add additional expense.

Pictures: Click Here
American Bagger Article: Click Here
Hand built Custom 2007 FLHX Street Glide

Paul Yaffe 96” Tour Deluxe


18x4.5 Custom Rear Wheel w/ 160 Tire and Matching Pulley & Rotor
21x3 Custom PYO Front Wheel w/ Matching Rotors
Custom “Yaxle” Front Axle
Blacked Out Fork Legs, Cans, Shroud + 2” Lowering Kit
Custom Front Brake Line
PYO Custom “Monkey Bars” w/ Internal Wires
Custom PYO “Bullet” Grips
Custom PYO Drilled Levers
PYO Double Trouble Mirrors & Arms
Shaved Front Fender, Pinched & Dropped
Shaved Rear Fender, w/ Custom License Plate
Custom “Banana” Floor Boards From PYO
Custom Drilled & Extend Shift Arms w/ Custom Shift Link
400 Watt Stereo System w/ Hidden Antenna
Custom PYO Stretched Fuel Tank w/ PYO “Pop-Up” Gas Cap
Custom One-Off Steel Dash
PYO “Force” Air Filter
Diamond Cut Heads & Barrels
Red Shift Cams w/ Race Tuner - 86HP & 105 Foot Pounds of Torque
Klock Werks “Double Back” True Dual Headers
Supertrapp “SE” Exhaust w/ Custom PYO “After Burner” Tips
Custom HD “Side Kick” Saddle
One-Off Frenched License Bezel
Saddle Bag Lid Organizers
Custom Spade Taillights w/ Strobing Brake Light & Turn Signals
Custom “Crisp” 4 color Paint autographed by Paul Yaffe!

Note: All prices &  products are subject to change with out notice.


Pictures: Click Here
Suzy-Q II
Brand New 2007 Harley Davidson Street Glide
Forged billet Yaffe "GT" wheels (chrome) 21 x 3.5 front / 18 x 4 rear
Matching billet "GT" brake rotors and rear belt pulley (chrome)
Low profile Metzler radial tires 150/18 rear / 21 x 3.5 front
Black powder coated fork legs and slider covers w 2" lowering kit
Custom "Yaxle" front axle
Custom black engine guard w highway footrests
Yaffe "Smooth Bend" 12" handlebars
Internal control wires w extended clutch & throttle cables
Yaffe custom front brake line
Custom billet mirrors
Harley Davidson custom hand grips
Amplified internal antenna
Custom "Force" high flow air cleaner
Yaffe color matched filter fairing
Custom Yaffe stretched fuel tank
Custom Yaffe dash w stainless pop-up cap
Custom Harley Davidson "Side kick" seat (shown) or Custom Harley Davidson stock seat (your choice)
Custom front fender shaved & pinched for 21" wheel conversion
Inner fairing molded & color matched w custom striping
Custom rear fender shaved w Stealth license plate
Custom Yaffe "Spade" LED taillights in saddlebags
Custom Yaffe billet shift linkage
Custom Yaffe "Phantom" pipe (shown) or HD header w SuperTrapp "SE" mufflers w Yaffe tips (your choice)
Four color custom flamed paint scheme from Crisp Creations
Color matched saddlebag latches
Yaffe pointed bar tips
This one -off creation is signed inside the saddlebag by Paul!

Note: All prices &  products are subject to change with out notice.

More Info: Click Here
Pictures: Click Here
07 Tour Deluxe "103" Road Glide

Screaming Eagle Race Tuned
85 H.P. & 106 Ft. Lbs. Torque
Paul Yaffe "High Roller" rear wheel 18 x 4.25
Matching "High Roller" belt pulley
Matching "High Roller" rear brake disc (polished)
Metzler low profile performance 160 rear tire Paul Yaffe "High Roller" front wheel 21 x 3
Low profile Metzler wide 21" performance front tire
Matching "High Roller" dual front brake discs (polished)
Custom Yaffe "DEI" front sport fender
Powder Coated Black front fork legs and cans
2" front and 1" rear lowering kits
Paul Yaffe "Yaxle" custom front axle
Custom Yaffe Pro-System front brake line
Custom lower fairing support (eliminates engine guard)
Custom tinted headlight bezel w integral LED turnsignals
Harley Davidson Low Profile wind shield
Harley Davidson chrome windshield trim
Hawg Wired 400 watt stereo system
Hidden amplified antenna
One-off Paul Yaffe Monkey bars (powder coated black)
Internal wires in bars
Extended clutch and throttle cables
Chrome switch housings / levers / master cylinder / clutch perch
Custom Yaffe "Power" mirrors
Custom Yaffe stretched fuel tank
Custom Yaffe low profile stretched dash w Tour deluxe logo
Custom Yaffe "Pop-up" cap
Custom Harley Davidson "Side Kick" seat
103" Harley Davidson upgrade
Drivetrain has been blacked out w Diamond Cut cylinders and heads!
Force "High Flow" Air filter system w matching Yaffe Filter fairing
Double Back true dual header system
SuperTrapp performance exhaust w Yaffe designed "After Burner" tips
Custom Shaved rear fender
HD Street Gilde fender extension/bag filler w tip lights
Custom Yaffe "Wedgy" LED tailights/ turnsignals w strobing safety brake
Low profile raduised license plate holder (color matched)
Banana board extended Floorboards
matching brake pedal
Extended shift levers w Yaffe Bullet shift pegs
HD custom passenger peg mounts w Yaffe Bullet passenger pegs
Yaffe matching Bullet Grips
Yaffe designed full custom paint by Crisp Creations
w/ painted inner fairing

This one-off Yaffe custom has been signed by Paul on the inner upper lid of the right saddlebag

Note: All prices &  products are subject to change with out notice.

More Info: Click Here
Pictures: Click Here

V-Twin Article: Click Here
Hand built Custom Streetglide

Paul Yaffe “96” Tour Deluxe

18 x 3.5 PYO GT Chrome billet wheels with matching brake rotors and rear belt pulley
Low profile Metzler performance tires. 150 rear / 140 front
Custom “Yaxle” front axle
Show Chrome Plated fork legs and slider covers
1 inch front and rear lowering kits
PYO 12 inch “Fatty” ape hangers with internal wiring
Custom PYO drilled and polished levers w/ upside down mirrors
Shaved rear fender w custom Illuminator license holder w/ LED taillight and turn signals
Custom Harley-Davidson® Chrome front fender skirt
Custom Harley-Davidson® “Streamliner” floorboards w/ matching brake pedal
Harley-Davidson® premium stereo w/ CD player and amplified hidden antenna
Harley-Davidson® air temperature and oil pressure gauges
Custom PYO stretched Fuel tank and dash with PYO “Pop-up” gas cap
Harley-Davidson® “Street Glide™” tank emblems
PYO “Force” intake system w/ color matched filter fairing
SuperTrapp® “SE” performance mufflers with custom PYO “Claw” tips
Custom Harley-Davidson® “Sidekick” saddle

Note: All prices &  products are subject to change with out notice.

Pictures: Click Here

2008 Road Glide FLTR
2630 Miles

Dark Blue Pearl
Air-cooled, Twin Cam 96®
6 Speed
Cruise Control
6 Gallon Tank
Factory Alarm
Stock Harmin Kardon CD/Raido - Ipod Compatible
Comes with the remaining 2 year H-D warranty

Little dent in the rear fender plus a few surface scratches.
Pictures available upon request.

Note: All prices &  products are subject to change with out notice.